Washing & HeatingIn this lesson we show you how to wash sorghum grain and then store on heated pad for 48 hours.19     9:57 Minutes •Intermediate to Advanced

Rinsing & Drying Now that we have soaked the sorghum grain, we will show you how to rinse and dry the grain to the perfect moister content before moving on with packing.19     9:43 Minutes •Intermediate to Advanced

Packing & Autoclave The sorghum grain is now ready to pack, we will show you a few techniques working with bags & bottles before packing them into autoclave to pressure cook.19     17:15 Minutes •Intermediate to Advanced

Grain Inoculation With the grain pressure cook and cooled, we will show you how to inoculate your bottles with mycelium from petri dish and then bags from pre-prepared bottled mycelium sorghum grain.19     20:55 Minutes •Intermediate to Advanced